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   Mariana is an international Fusion Bellydance and FCBD Style teacher and performer based in Brazil. She is also a Yoga instructor and practitioner.
   Her journey in dance began in 2004 after feeling most welcome at a local bellydance class. A couple months later she discovered through videos on the web the style that at the time was called "Tribal Fusion". She immediately fell in love with the posture and presentation, rich textured costumes and creative use of music. She then went on a self taught journey (since the style pretty much didn't exist in Brazil at the time) to discover all the secrets behind that captivating style that led her to eventually travel to California in 2006, 2008 and 2010 to seek further education. Back home, apart from Bellydance, she has also taken classes in Contemporary and Modern Dance and completed her postgraduate studies in dance and body awareness in 2018.
   Her main university degree is in modern languages and translation and she has also worked as a language teacher for kids, teenagers and adults. Her background in languages has also made possible for her to translate texts from English to Portuguese and write informative material on her blog, launched in 2010, in order to help promote the style in Brazil.  
   This diverse background in the classroom  provide her with a vast baggage of teaching tools.
   She is passionate about  teaching and learning, and as a movement teacher her main goals are the awakening of body awareness, refined musical interpretation and responsibly using dance as an original and personal mean of expression.


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